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  1. (beds)
    Bed-Room-Bed, 2021
    Interactive site-specific installation: A bed, a bed cover, dreams, domestic electro devices, electricity 220 V, electromagnetic microphones, contact microphones, sound

    Seven reasons why you should make time for the sunsets, 2021
    dimensions adjusted to the site,
    soap, flies from Latvia, plastic, metal, pigments, paper, wires, lamp

    Group exhibition Pleins Feux,
    Fiminco Foundation, Paris, 2021

    Photos: Romain Darnaud and Martin Argyroglo

  2. Evita Vasiljeva arrived in Paris during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The bed became her studio. In the mornings, half awake, she caught fragments of the high and low dream frequencies that drift away into the room around them as the day begins. Some were transposed as they faded, drawn directly onto the blankets she slept in. Over the course of the year that followed, Vasiljeva and the blankets travelled between Riga, Paris and Marseille. Occupying the slim layer between awake and asleep, where misinterpretation and illogic flow, and where unthinking briefly lingers, the blankets have themselves been covered with constellations of dreams.

    Vasiljeva creates site-specific installations that often include large, heavy sculpture made of concrete. In 2020 her working method was interrupted and she found new processes, exploring more deeply the notion of site-specific. In Bed-Room-Bed (2020-2021) she explores the bed as a site. Each bed is a bare metal structure, a frame for the woven electricity cables that form the base. The beds are ‘plugged in’ at the wall of the exhibition space, connecting to the wider and invisible (electric) flow that surrounds us, while electromagnetic microphones around the work amplify the otherwise unheard currents of the space.

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