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  1. Impulse (J OR IMP), 2022

    Site-specific installation,
    Piezo microphones, electro magnetic microphones, 50 green lights, 12 channel loud speaker system, micro-controllers

    16th Lyon Biennale, Manifest of Fragility,
    curated by Till Fellrath and Sam Bardaouil,
    Museum Guimet,
    Lyon, 2022

    The Musée Guimet was built in 1879 as a private Museum, but later changed proprietors and function, to finally become vacant for years, and therefore remain in disrepair. Evita Vasiljeva reacts to this atmosphere of abandonment with a walkthrough light-and-sound installation. As the audience enters a disused archive room, poison green neon tubes flicker on against a background of electric noise. The choreography repeatedly eludes the control of the intruding visitors and leaves behind an oppressive physical sensation. Through a microphone system, the room gives out a humming noise resembling that of a computer server room. The state of high alert induced by this piece feeds back to the exhibition and the Museum building as a whole, while also bringing back to life the artist’s memory of a home intrusion and security systems.

    Special thanks for the support: Mondrian Funds
    Sound engineer: Alius Bareckas

    Video preview:

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