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  1. Manhours in Headquarters
    P/////AKT, Amsterdam
    Solo show
    29 January – 26 February 2017

    Rene Boer was invited by P/////AKT to write a text in response to the exhibition Manhours in Headquarters by Evita Vasiljeva and P/////AKT’s 2017 program Thinging. Read it here: EN 

    Photography: Charlott Markus

  2. Manhours in Headquarters, installation view, 2017

    Manhours in Headquarters, installation view, 2017

  3. Evita Vasiljeva’s new exhibition is the result of a two-month working period at P/////AKT. In her case that has to be taken quite literally as time spent on location, moulding, casting and constructing rather rough and brutal looking pieces out of concrete and metal. The element of labour and production is present in the sculptural materiality of the resulting works, the more since they look like they could have some function in a production or building process themselves. Could have, or might have had; they seem to be either unfinished or deteriorating from a previously more advanced state of being.

    According to Vasiljeva, there is something more profound about the state of becoming, or falling apart, than about a finished state or fixated situation. In her practice, manual labour and intellectual exertions take place simultaneously and on the spot, to a degree of nearly being one and the same thing. The work is produced as a method for thinking about the eventual exhibition, resulting in something that can be seen as solidified temporary thoughts. As a consequence, it is actively sensitive towards its surroundings and, contrary to its strong physical presence, showing cracks of doubt as well as a potential to grow into something altogether new.

Evita Vasiljeva ©

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