Evita Vasiljeva

  1. Current and upcoming:

    2019, March, group show, Extra-Planetary Commitment, Gallery Litost, Prague, CZ
    2019, April, FOAF Warsaw, gallery Wschod, Warsaw, PL
    2019, June, group show, A Very Small Window, Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, LV
    2019, September, solo show, Marwan, Amsterdam, NL
    2019, September, duo show with Dan Walwin, gallery Post, Kaunas, LT

  2. Recent: 

    The White Review, Postcrete


    Postcrete, 2019, Lower.Green, UKPhoto: Glen Jamieson

    Postcrete, 2019, Lower.Green, UK
    Photo: Glen Jamieson

  3. Hormones, 2017, Photo: Jhoeko, NEST

    Hormones, 2017, Photo: Jhoeko, NEST


    Still Stands and Resilient Nows, 2018Photo: Karel Koplimets, Tallinn Art Hall

    Still Stands and Resilient Nows, 2018
    Photo: Karel Koplimets, Tallinn Art Hall

  5. Drop, 2018Grazed ceramics, metal, galvanized wirePhoto: Aurelien Mole

    Drop, 2018
    Grazed ceramics, metal, galvanized wire
    Photo: Aurelien Mole

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